Identifying Emotional Vampires –
And Stopping the Energy Drain!

vampireAre you tired of feeling drained from a boss or co-worker, and ready to learn how to recognize energy vampires and deal with them effectively?

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During this 1-hour teleseminar, we will share some strategies that will ensure that you have all you need to identify energy vampires and know how to respond effectively.

This is for you if you are…

  • Tired of feeling exhausted after interacting with a co-worker or boss who creates chaos and sucks the life out of everyone around them,
  • Frustrated because you have tried everything you can think of and nothing has worked,
  • Wondering if you need to get a new job because an emotional vampire is so high up in the organization that he/she has changed the culture to that of a vampire culture?

You will learn how to….

  • Identify energy vampires so that you can respond differently and more effectively
  • Understand which specific types of behavior need to be treated differently from routine difficult or challenging behaviors at work
  • Use entirely different approaches and strategies than those that work with people who are not energy vampires
  • Recognize the red flags when a vampire culture exists in an organization and get ready to do what is necessary to get out
  • Tips and tools to protect yourself NOW while you’re putting in place new strategies

At the end of this tele seminar, you will have a plan to try something new that will make you more effective in your interactions with an energy vampire!

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Cassandra O’Neill, CEO Be the Best Boss EVER

Image Copyright: tigatelu / 123RF Stock Photo