Motivate and inspire everyone on your team!

Are you ready to learn the best kept secrets to motivating your employees?

This highly effective and results based program will teach you everything you need to Be The Best Boss EVER!  To have people clamoring to be on your team! You will learn how to bring out the best in everyone around you, make them smarter and more confident, and to get the benefit of everyone’s talent, thinking, and skills.

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Are you tired of leaving meetings with your staff feeling like you did all the work?
  • Do you want to look forward to conversations with your employees instead of dreading them?
  • Are you ready to leave meetings with your staff feeling great instead of drained?
Are you ready to?
  • Be confident you’re doing all you can to support your team,
  • Work smarter not harder,
  • Maximize the potential of you and everyone else on your team,
  • Focus on the big picture and get ahead of the curve,
  • Step more fully into your leadership,
  • Focus on the big picture – things that really make a difference, AND
  • Have more fun at work.

After working with hundreds of organizations I saw the number one issue affecting everything else – was bosses who did not know how to manage or supervise staff effectively. This skill gap prevented the effectiveness of their work, as the people they were working with were often in crisis, upset, having to drop everything and focus on last minute requests – BECAUSE their bosses were not effective.  Teaching people new skills to use in their work was impossible in these conditions.

Realizing that the most positive way to impact the staff and organizations they worked with was in fact to help leaders, managers, and bosses learn how to work more effectively with staff. This makes a dramatic difference and turns unproductive environments into highly functioning ones. They love teaching leaders how to be an effective supervisor, and how to keep employees motivated. These skills transform organizations so that staff say I love working here.

Be the Best Boss EVER!

Foundations Course

In this course you will learn how to…

  • Have more fun at work as a boss and look forward to having authentic and meaningful conversations with the people who work for you
  • Feel better about being a boss right now
  • Effortlessly motivate people so that you never have to think about how to motivate people again 
- Advanced Topics
  • Motivational Listening to Mentor for Success
  • How to ask Questions that Inspire and Motivate
  • Making Hard Conversations Easier
  • The Best Staff Meetings EVER!
  • The Best Presentations EVER!
  • The Best Trainings EVER!
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People who benefit the most from this:
  • Seasoned leaders who have good management and supervision skills and employee engagement strategy
  • Bosses who want to inspire and motivate a team
  • New leaders who haven’t supervised or managed people before.